Seyoung Chun (Aiden)


Date: 2018-11-30 14:41:27

Seyoung Chun, 29, better known to his peers as Aiden, arrived in Australia in 2014 from South Korea. At a very young age, Aiden’s mother began teaching him how to cook and from there, his passion grew. Aiden chose Canberra to begin his culinary journey and found that the Canberra Institute of Technology was the perfect place to study. As well as studying, he is currently working two jobs as a chef; one at the University of Canberra and the other at Hotel Realm. At first, Aiden was not at all interested in Western Food, but when he tasted more and learned to cook certain dishes, he became a big fan. When he is not cooking, Aiden loves to play guitar and spend time with his friends and girlfriend. He loves to cook for others and is looking forward to cooking for his family back in South Korea when he returns. His favourite dish to cook is a beautiful medium rare steak, as he is a meat lover! To Aiden, the most important things in life are family, cooking and friends and he has all three in abundance. After finishing study, Aiden hopes to own and run a restaurant and use his special recipes.