Andrew Scotford


Date: 2018-12-24 19:01:03

Episode one of Pressure Cooker saw the highly adept Andrew Scotford make a guest appearance on the judge's panel. Andrew has a burning passion for creating change and developing individuals, which has seen him take up the role as general manager at CIT's Student Association (CITSA). Andrew is rather distinguished within the Australian sporting community. Previously, he has held the title of CEO at Basketball Geelong, Umpire Manager at Cricket Australia, Cricket Manager at the Western Australian Cricket Association and most notably, CEO of Volleyball Australia during the golden era that was the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Nowadays, as well as working with CITSA, Andrew plays a vital role in the making of the Canberra International Film Festival, holding the title of Vice President. Andrew continues to work closely with the wider sporting community. He still plays a role within Volleyball Australia as a member of the board and continues to follow his passion for sports officiating, umpiring local cricket games across the nation's capital, along with working as the head coach for AFL Canberra community umpires.